Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where the hell have you been?

The past week (more like month) has been full of surprises! And fun exciting stuff. So I am going to give you the lowdown. Why? Because aren't you obsessed with me? That's why you're reading this right? JUST KIDDING. I honestly just haven't shot new content, because I am horrible. Plus my boyfriend has been working on (super cool) shoots all of the time! Which is why this is all I have to show read this bulleted list about my life to catch up! Imagine that I'm saying this all in a Billy on the Streets voice. 

WASSUP. whats Happenin. Where the hell have you been?

  • Dyed my hair blue. And freaked the eff out!
  • Was Featured on Refinery29 as an SF blogger you NEED to know about!
  • Went to Big Sur and got yelled at by locals for blowing up a surf spot.  #nophotos
  • Started settling into my new apartment! Sort of.
  • Got porch furniture! And made the house kind of cute for my bday party! 
  • Turned 21! FINALLY. 
  • Bought my mom a flight to see me! I haven't seen her in almost 2 years!!!!!!
  • Made lots of "Sorry Ben" and "Where Have You Been B*%$^" jokes because my roommate is on a Summer Heights High, kick. ie. the title of this post.

So a lot has happened, and a lot is still going on! Life is pretty rad and exciting. But sometimes I think it's important to slowdown and take it easy. I want to do and accomplish so much, when really you just have to take a step back and look at how amazing things are right now. 

Saw my loves and dear friends, SWIMM, in San Francisco! Finally.
Pit Stop in Carmel on the way to Big Sur.

Best Birthday Breakfast, ever, at Chloe's Cafe.

Birthday falling on Labor Day Weekend = luckiest girl ever. Skirt c/o Garage Clothing.

HEY. you. Follow me on instagram to soak in all of this greatness. Yeah that's right i'm great. ugh. wooooooo.

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