Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Am I the only one that dreams of Freighthopping? Or was it my boyfriend that planted this idea in my head? Or was it swampy. The illustrious graffiti artist who lives off of nothing and travels across the USA, train hopping. Well one day, if I wasn't just a princess underneath all of this badass Garage attire, I would love to live like that. I want to either be on a beach in a hut serving coffee to locals and traveling surfers, or doing something reckless like hiding in a freight train amongst the cargo and the warmth of my bearded flannel wearing boyfriend. OR I could just live the life I'm living and make movies/documentaries/short films about these things. The producer side of my mother has definitely started to come out now that I am in my twenties. All I want to do is be an art director, come up with ideas, spew them out to the world, and let everyone soak it all in...or start writing again...whichever comes first. CLICK READ MORE FOR PHOTOS + OUTFIT DETAILS
Jacket + Shirt + Jeans | Garage Clothing.  Beanie | Burton. Boots | Chinese Laundry.

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