Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy (belated) Halloween!

I finally got to dress up this year! Last year we stayed in and watched the shining, which I was definitely bummed about, because I had all of the pieces for a Jeremy Scott inspired alien costume. But this year, with my new hair, a whole world of opportunity opened up. Betty Draper, Khaleesi, Karl Lagerfeld, the world was pretty much my oyster. So I tried them all, well except for Khaleesi, but there's always next year. I think my Karl Lagerfeld costume was the winner. But there's nothing like a set of vampire teeth, doing The Charleston, and pretending Zelda Fitzgerald was a vampire. Click read more to see all of my costumes from this Halloween!
"You don't kiss boys. Boys kiss you." - Betty Draper
 I bet you didn't know that Karl Lagerfeld loves Cheetos.

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