Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her from under $60 to $600!

Stone Fox Style Holiday Gift Guide (All Price Ranges!) by brynnewman on

All of these boards are ready to be shopped, just click through to polyvore and browse the collections! If I had to recommend a few gifts it would definitely have to be a gift subscription to LE TOTE (starting at $88), because you can't mess up unlimited apparel and accessories delivered to her door each month. It's the perfect gift that you barely have to shop for. A blanket scarf would be a close second. Last but not least, a record player, Pinrose Synesthesia Perfume, or Pentax G would definitely make her swoon!

Gifts for Her Under $60

Gifts for Her Under $100

Gifts For Her around $150

Gifts for Her $200-$600

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