Thursday, May 29, 2014

Earth Tones - Boho Style in San Francisco

Casual Boho.
My favorite kind of apparel, my go to style – my style elixir. I will always be a Free People girl. I dream of Anthropology wardrobes. I beg for LA weather and a future there. Finally I have these Steve Madden Gladiator sandals that can now complete my low key bohemian outfits (I still want knee high ones! I haven't given up). But wearing sandals in SF makes me feel naked – a sidewalk landmine could get me at any second! Either way, I love this look. Any day I can actually dress bohemian, seems like a successful day. And I also love that I could put a little bit of LE TOTE into this look. I feel like all I wear is LT lately. But it's a good thing! But seriously, who could ever complain about access to unlimited clothing?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shifting // Style Stalker & Gladiator Sandals

san francisco style blogger in style stalker dress

Style Stalker –
One of the coolest brands I've seen emerging lately. When LE TOTE agreed to take them on I was ecstatic,  seeing how LE TOTE is growing right now is so exciting. We're picking up better brands, hipper styles, and our team is doubling in size. I invite all of you to join me on the adventure by taking 50% off your first month with the code BRYN50. LT is seriously the perfect company for a blogger - you'll never buy something and wear it once for a blog post ever again! I know you've all been there. Plus with brands like Style Stalker coming on, now's the time to join!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

LE TOTE Spring / Summer Lookbook - 2014 + A Giveaway!

I am so excited to share with you two things today - First I wanted to share some images from the LE TOTE Summer lookbook that I recently worked on with my team over at LT! I am so happy with the results of the shoot! Working with Scott Borrero and Kendra (our Director of Merchandising) is always so lovely.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Real Slow - Miami Horror (Tropicool Remix)

I am going to try and post a song every Wednesday with a new look.  I will come up with a clever little title for the day, but in the mean time I wanted to start out with this song by my friend David aka Tropicool. I immediately wanted to use this song because this look just screamed 'Tropi-cool' to me! Let me know what you think of his groovy song and be sure to check out his mixtapes!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Paisley Baby - Feat. Missguided

Photos by Ryan Chua

I love these shots!
Which explains why so many of these photos made this post. I'm sorry I am the worst about that, call me narcissistic, call me indecisive. I'm probably both. This is yet another look featuring Missguided. Why? Because they are the bomb. Their marketing team is killing it (I'm seeing them everywhere) and I am honored they liked what I was doing on my blog! All in all this is a super rad dress, it's bold, but as easy shift, paired with a bootie or all white vans, it's a wonderful shift.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Unlovers Club

Bear. The biggest lover of them all. I got to dog sit this hunk of a chocolate lab this past week. I stopped in Crossroads Trading Co last weekend in my neighborhood (The Haight) and snagged this amazing Insight sweater! If you're as obsessed with distressed jumpers and bones as I am, have no fear you can still get this sweater from ASOS.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Real - Oversized Button Downs and Cappuccinos

boho san francisco style

I am going to be 100% real and honest in this post about something that I am been thinking about a lot lately. Being a blogger is kind of ridiculous. Don't get me wrong - I love love love doing it.  I'm doing it because I love fashion and I love documenting my outfits, just like any other blogger. Plus I've been doing it since high school! But some of it is a facade. It's one of those things where you begin to think 'if I didn't take photos, it didn't happen'. Or you feel like you missed out on events, when really everyone was just on their phone the whole time taking instagram photos. Then, later you feel like you didn't show everyone how much fun you were having because you didn't snap an insta pic. 
But please take my concerns with a grain of salt, it really is just something I have been thinking about lately. I especially felt this way after taking these photos at the cafe up the block from me. I really wanted to tell a 'story' but in reality I forced my boyfriend to take these and that's the honest truth behind these pictures (and many others I'm sure). Obviously we both ended up enjoying the desserts and it was a lovely afternoon where we talked about leaving everything being and moving to Bali. But ladies please don't ever feel jealous of bloggers or these girls going to festivals and living the 'dream'. I assure you it is fun, but most of it is just an illusion. I sometimes look at photos or my instagram feed and start feeling down on myself, like I could be prettier, cooler, or having more fun with my life - but that's simply not the case. 
Social media is a beautiful and terrifying thing and I find myself checking my instagram like it's the new post coital cigarette (shout out to Carrie Bradshaw). You wake up in the morning and it's your pre-pre-coffee morning ritual. I am a sucker for it all and I admit that - but in all honesty, it scares me. Okay, it's off my chest everyone!!! I AM FREE. Just kidding, but if this subject interests you, please read this article about the infamous blogger boyfriend photographer phenomena.
I don't want this to distract from this outfit post whatsoever (because this shirt is the sh$^t!!!!!!!)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

White Out - Feat. Edo Salon & AOS Denim

white hair
white hair
White hair has been calling my name for quite sometime. It wasn't until I read about Edo Salon that I realized it might be possible. I was ready to take the plunge and the ladies at Edo gave me the proper advice and guidance in order to give me what I wanted without over promising. It was a risk I was willing to take and after coming in for a strand test, we booked an appointment for the white out. I started feeling apprehensive thinking that the white hair would be damaging to my image at work, but I kept telling myself "I'm in fashion, I plan to stay here, and this is the only time in my life where I can take my hair this far." So I did it. And I couldn't be happier. Both with my experience at Edo and the way my hair turned out. If you're thinking about going white I will include a few tips below, but keep it mind it's going to take a lot of bleach and toner. I definitely suggest going to  a professional with experience in experimental hair color, if not you might ruin your hair forever. In the Bay Area? Visit the ladies over at Edo in the Lower Haight if awesome hair is your thing. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Monochromatix - Personalizing My LE TOTE

boho hippie style

Here I am, doing an aggressive head-tilt, per usual...
But more importantly, I took a LE TOTE piece and Brynified it! I'm kind of embarrassed I just said that but either way this BCBGeneration t-shirt dress (carried by LE TOTE) is so versatile it's shocking. I think every girl in my office loves this dress and we all have such different pallets when it comes to fashion. I went balls to the wall in cotton with this heathered gray kimono and this jersey dress, with silver and black accessories..because color - it's overrated. 
P.S. This kimono is life!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole - Graphic Tees and Cut Offs

There's nothing like a good graphic tee! I walked out the door in booties and jean shorts with a long cardigan, feeling like I needed to add more to my outfit...but in reality this look is perfect in it's simplicity. 
Edgy but without pushing the limits. A perfect weekend outfit to romp around San Francisco in. The shirt is from YesStyle's new Click collection, which is full of trendy pieces that are super affordable. I often find that sites like YesStyle are already carrying pieces that I'm waiting for US stores to carry, they're really ahead of the game when it comes to trends and I'm always finding pieces I love on their site!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daisy Haze - Feat. Shop Sosie

Photos by Ryan Chua
Flare pants are my favorite. So is Jimi Hendrix. And Sosie. Combine them, and I'm pretty much in hippie heaven. These pants are perfect for lounging around or for a day on the town. They're high waisted (I didn't show this off in this post, but trust me these pants will be coming back) so they can be paired with crop tops galore! I even think a blazer and a silk top would make these pants night time ready in a second. 
Grab your round sunnies, a rum and coconut from the Pirate guy in Dolores Park, and relax! Because why not live every day like it's a festival?