Monday, January 5, 2015

Stressed Distressed but Well Dressed

New Years Resolutions. Don't Stress. Relax. Be Happy. Be nice to others. Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Nice. Repeat. New Years resolutions are tough, which is why I usually don't make them. Because when I tried to floss for the year of 2012....I made it two months. That's why I have decided to keep this year pretty simple – lighten up, stop stressing out, and word harder. And hopefully I'll stop grinding my teeth! Here's to 2015! Oh yea and I want to lose 5 pounds. C'mon I'm a girl give me a break!! Do you have any big plans for 2015?
JACKET | Forever21 (similar / similar). JEANS | Urban Outfitters (similar / similar / similar). 
SHIRT | Urban Outfitters (similar / similar / similar). SHOES | Steve Madden (similar / similar / similar).

1 comment:

  1. Although leopard print always catches my eye, the way you look in it is especially great!! :) You are so pretty and I love how you pair your clothing!! <3

    -Ally Gong