Friday, January 30, 2015

WIN FREE DRESSES FOR A YEAR?! // LuLu*s Galentine's Day Giveaway

I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. That's probably because I am traumatized by my middle school that would allow boys and girls to send each other publicly delivered Valentine's (they would get delivered in class) and I never got one, when everyone else did. Except I did get one from this really creepy kid who used to call my house over and over again during American Idol and my parent's got pissed. Which is hilarious now, not so hilarious then. Now that I'm dating Rob and he travels so much, last year he was in England for Valentine's Day, I still don't really celebrate. So when the opportunity came to celebrate Galentine's Day, you know I was on board. Especially because I got to team up with Jyo and she is such a treat to hang out with! We brunched, took photos, and goofed around in the Mission. Which is my version of the perfect day! Check out our looks below and don't forget to enter to win FREE dresses for a YEAR from LuLu*s, oh yeah, um, it's for you and a friend!! Scroll down to see me doing something really out of my element....let me know in the comments if you can tell which one it is, hah! Still need an outfit for Valentine's Day? Browse the LuLu*s Valentine's Day Shop, from Keepsake to Finders Keepers the Label, they have some amazing pieces ready for your closet!

DRESS | LulusSHOES |  LulusGEOMETRIC CLUTCH Lulus (sold out, but you can snag it here) 

DRESS | LulusSHOES |  Lulus.  BLUSH BAG Lulus (similar)