Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dear Men, Valentine's Day isn't that hard.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Just get a piece of paper, draw a heart of it, write I love you, and give it to her. Really. That's all she wants. Well at least if she's sane. She just wants you to notice her for at least, like, one second. (Most) of us women think the holiday is just as stupid, but society has created it, and now we've been brain washed into secretly wanting some sort of attention on said day. Rules are rules. Valentine's Day date night can be a grilled cheese with the panini maker kind of night, paired with a bottle of wine, or three. Or it can be a walk to the park. Whatever you do doesn't have to be crazy. You don't have to get her flowers delivered to her office, even if Bloomthat is the easiest thing ever, for Bay Area / Los Angeles Flower delivery. All she wants is something sweet. Take advice from Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson, "Get some paper from the printer, some leaves from outside, and then get ready for the sweet, sweet reward." Honestly guys, it's as easy as that. And if you're feeling crazy you can get her something from the board above. Even though I am kind of joking about some of the things on there.


  1. So true!!! Just a little attention and time together goes a long way.

  2. Agreed! But yes, Tiffany's is always nice.