Monday, March 2, 2015

Stone Fox Songs: Volume 1

Bleh. It's Monday. I'd rather be on a plane flying somewhere exciting. Life is hard, well at least Monday's are hard for me. So in exchange for the Monday blues, I give you Monday Music! Here's a few of my favorite songs from the past week, if you love what you hear let me know! If you all seem to be digging my tune selection then I'll start doing these every week. P.S. Don't forget to check out the event I am hosting THIS THURSDAY below.

I am co-hosting The Giving is the New Black event for FashTech + ModaVive with Britt and Whit! I would just die if you would come! With free goodies, giveaways, and a rooftop photo op, this event is going to be 100% feel good. All you have to do is donate to get free entry (aka rooftop drinks)! It's going to be a blast. Just RSVP here.

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