Friday, April 17, 2015

Sprinkles With a Side of Diamonds Please

Awhile ago I really thought about pranking everyone on April Fools Day with an engagement post, but Rob didn't think that would be very funny. would have been such an awesome way to tell you about these beautiful rings from Anjolee! Another time. Another time. We'll just have to make due with cupcakes and diamonds, I guess. Life is so hard. Maybe I am just in a pranking mood today. We sent a fellow startup an envelope of glitter and are currently in the process of instacarting them Smirnoff Ices. Oh Friday in San Francisco, how I love thee! So why not get on with your bad self and check out Anjolee's beautiful diamonds? Then pin away your dream wedding, because like I said, it's Friday and it's time to let loose! 

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