Friday, June 5, 2015

HP x360 Behind The Scenes video

What happens when four fashion influencers watch an inspiring video that challenges them to bend the rules? We bring the boutique to the street, that’s what.

Coming from a family that is a little bit obsessed with art, hunting for deals, and creating, the HP Bend The Rules video inspired me to host a pop-up, on my sidewalk in San Francisco. Back in Florida, living in a gated community meant we weren’t allowed to have garage sales; the homeowners associations were very strict. My mom was barely allowed to hang a swing in our yard! I loved the town I grew up in but I often felt suffocated and as if my creativity was constantly being suppressed. I would often come home from school, head right upstairs to my mom’s art studio, and play music and paint. It was really cool seeing the watercolor animation in the video, it brought back a lot of memories of painting and how mesmerizing it was to watch watercolors take life and turn into something you’d never imagine! As I was going through storage looking for pieces to incorporate in our Street Boutique, I found one of my old paintings, it looks like something that totally would have been in the video!
After finding enough pieces to sell, I wanted to hit the ground running. I emailed my favorite SF bloggers and we all came up with a plan. Donuts and mimosas were first on the checklist, but for me, as a graphic designer, the first thing I was excited to create was the invitation. The video had elements of watercolor and a brush font that inspired me to use the same textures on my invitation. The Dalmatian print was a way for me to bring an element of playfulness that resonated with the HP video that inspired me and all of the bloggers’ personal style.
Using our HP x360 computer at the sale was godsend! It was a great way for us to keep track of payments and which blogger sold what. We could also give attendees inspiration on how to wear the item by showing them how we styled the pieces on our blogs!
It makes it perfect for travel easy to carry around as we showed shoppers how to style the pieces.

 Our sale was a massive success! We definitely brought the boutique to the street for one of the most unique sales San Francisco has ever seen. People were blown away and kept asking us if we were models and why we had such cute clothes. But they don’t know the pain of having so many clothes your closet rips out of the wall (yes that seriously happened to me).
Nothing is better than coming together when you’re inspired. Working with these girls has helped us build a close relationship where we want to collaborate on a regular basis. Who knows, we might have a girl band on our hands…because the first photo in this post definitely looks like our album cover. What are you waiting for? Check out the video that inspired us below!

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