Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Icy Blonde Hair Bible - A Guide To Keeping Hair Happy and Healthy When Bleached

Maintaining my hair is a nightmare. I love love love love love (x 1M) my blonde locks, but it's not for everyone. It takes a lot of maintenance, care, and patience. And once you have hair like this for a year, trust me, you will miss your healthy thick hair. BUT nonetheless, I love it and like to take care of it, so here are a few things I recommend to take care of your bleached locks! 

  1. A good straightener, I love my Diamond hair straightener from Irresistible Me. It's gentle on my hair because I can set it at a really low temperature and the diamond and tourmaline technology protects my hair keeping all of the natural oils in, or at least what's left of them!
  2. You need a treatment for your hair. My hair stylist recommended Olaplex once or twice a week after a nighttime shower. I leave it in overnight and then workout the next morning and shower again, since this treatment needs to be rinsed out.
  3. PROTEIN, bro. Just kidding but you do need a product that will put protein back into your hair. Not pictured is my mending conditioner by Bumble and bumble. If you bleach your hair be sure to use a conditioner with protein in it! I cannot stress this enough. 
  4. Hair oil. The Bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil feels great and smells like absolute heaven.
  5. Dry shampoo. If you tone your hair, you already know it washes out quickly. So if you want it to stay icy, purple, pastel, or whatever shade you have toned it, you know not to wash every day. Not pictured here either is my favorite dry shampoo, also because of the smell (mostly). Amika Dry Shampoo is the bee's knees.
  6. STAY ICY! Use purple shampoo or conditioner to keep your blonde locks from turning yellow. I've used Joico, but Evo Fabuloso Conditioner is great too. Leave it on if you want to get a tinge of purple. 

PRO TIP: Want pastels without the risk? Red Evo Fabuloso conditioner will turn blonde hair pastel pink! Be careful and mix it with your normal conditioner first. Use a brush to get even color. Try it for risk free pastel color. Apparently Evo released a limited edition pastel conditioner too! Or try Tinge Pastel conditioners to turn your hair temporarily pastel! Or just go to my hair colorist Seanya at Edo!

PRO TIP: All trimmed up. Seanya will kill me, but I let Rob cut my hair when I notice it's getting ratty. To keep your bleached locks healthy, it's important to trim up your ends. Even if you have to let your boyfriend do it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outside Lands Festival Style & Playlist

Outside Lands is coming around the corner, I feel like I was heading to the festival with Garage Clothing, yesterday. TBT! I love Outside Lands, I think it is a really magical festival and the erie the fog combined with the singer/songwriter lineup gets me all giddy inside. Though I am confused as to why Slightly Stoopid is on the roster. But maybe that's just because I used to go see them play at Freebird in Jacksonville, at least once a year starting in middle school, and they were horrible, every time. Did anyone else go through a Bob Marley, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid phase when you were kids or was that just my friends and me living in a beach town? Minus Slightly Stoopid, the lineup is great so I made a playlist and will continue adding to it through the week! I'll just blast this while you guys are all at the festival (sad face, I am actually not going, I think). 

Style wise – get ready for a lot of bellbottoms at Outside Lands. But it's fine, bellbottoms are to flower crowns as Outside Lands is to Coachella. Get it? Did I do that right? Ha. Okay but who cares, bellbottoms are comfortable and this festival is chilly. So dance your (bell)bottoms off and forget the haters, even if I myself am one of them. Take your bellbottoms to the next level with a fringe vest, printed neck scarf, and a giant hat. Basically take this blog post and completely reimagine it, way more stylish. I don't know what was going through my head before this shoot. Sigh. #bellbottoms. 
PRINTED WHITE BELLBOTTOMS | Others Follow (c/o). TEE Brandy Melville.
OVERSIZED WIDE BRIM HAT | Brixton (similar). STUDDED CROSS BODY | Local Shop. (similar).

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wallflower San Francisco – The best vintage store in The Bay?

The best vintage store in San Francisco. Wallflower. Once hidden on Mission Street in a quaint and adorable space, Wallflower has officially made the move to the ever-trendy section of The Mission, Valencia Street. Camouflaged amongst countless glasses shops clad with overpriced Wannabe-Oliver People's glasses, Wallflower is the breath of fresh air vintage shops on Valencia Street needed. Vintage shops are hit or miss, especially curated ones, and especially vintage shops in San Francisco. In most cases you walk in and immediately are greeted with jaw-dropping price tags for haphazardly merchandised finds, that probably have stains on them. Or you walk into a fog of hipster elitism oozing from the pores of the employees. This is not the case at Wallflower. The clothing is absolutely delightful. The ambiance is impeccable. The accessories are fantastic. The prints bring a smile of nostalgia to your face. The price tags are honestly reasonable for the very high quality of the product. And let me again repeat, the finds at this store are incredible. I have been planning on doing an article about the best vintage and thrift stores in San Francisco, but Wallflower just takes the cake. I am so happy it's close to my house and I can pop in on my way home from work. I am really looking forward to seeing this shop evolve. It deserves it's own shout out, because this store is just that perfect. If you’re like me, you won’t want to leave. I could play dress up in Wallflower everyday for the rest of my life. So go ahead and check it out! Visit their shop at 1176 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA. And if you are reading this from afar, you can shop Wallflower's site here

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Outside Lands Festival Style Tips + Festival Fever Party

Photos by Ryan Chua
LACE UP DEEP V TOP Top Shelf Style (c/o). LIGHT MOTO JACKET The Kooples.
FRINGE BUCKLE BOOTIES The Kooples (similar). CONCHO BELT | DIY (similar). 
TASSLE SHORTS | xGeneration (similar). RAYBAN SUNGLASSES Rayban Clubmasters
OVERSIZED WIDE BRIM HAT | Buffalo Exchange (similar). DRAWSTRING BACKPACK | Azalea.

Join SF Shop Girl and me next Wednesday 7/29 at Top Shelf Style in the Crocker Galleria from
5-7pm to get styled up for Outside Lands! If you know me, you know I live for festival style, so swing on by for bubbly & let me style you!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting several festival outfits with style tips for Outside Lands! It's a tricky festival to dress for but as a San Francisco resident I can give you all of the tips you need. This outfit is all about layers. Indian Summer in San Francisco means hot days and chilly nights. The weather is so unpredictable and changes with every neighborhood, so it might be hot during the day but freezing and foggy at night. Seeing that Outside Lands is in The Richmond in Golden Gate Park, it's essential you bring layers. Even if it's warm during the day, the sun will start to set and you're going to wish you brought a jacket. A heavy one, but is light enough to carry in your bag all day. On a warm day at Outside Lands I even recommend packing pants in your bag, because when you're waiting for a ride home, bus or lyft, in the fog, you're going to get chilly!

PRO TIP: Download SF Climates so you know what the weather will be like in The Richmond for each day, dress accordingly, but come prepared for drastic changes in temperatures, it will even get misty at night sometimes!

For more tips join me at the Top Shelf Festival Fever party! I'll be dishing my tips and helping you pick out amazing festival outfits for Outside Lands!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stole It From The Boys

When your boyfriend looks up from his desk and tells you he likes your outfit, you know you've done it right. Maybe that's because my boyfriend is too hip to function (just kidding, Rob) but when he likes an outfit of mine, it makes me feel like I've put together something special and unique, because he sees me dress up in stylish outfits (humble brag) all of the time! But seriously, it was so cute that he liked this outfit! Especially because it was so menswear inspired, and perhaps a little inspired by our impending outing to The Kooples sale later that afternoon (you'll see those scores later). I tried these suspender pants because of a collaboration with for the release of their Space Oddity lookbook, it's all about clean lines and minimalism, which I am absolutely obsessed with lately. But to make it truly a Stone Fox Style look I had to add a little bit of my flare, which is how I came up with this ensemble, one of my favorites yet!

RUFFLE BLOUSE | Urban Outfitters (similar).
BRALETTE | Calvin Klein (similar). RAYBAN SUNGLASSES | Rayban Clubmasters
OXFORDS | Anyi Lu (similar // similar). 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thrifted Suede Skirt – My Best San Francisco Thrift Find Yet!

This skirt was one of those thrift store finds that when you see it, you kind of look around like you just found something you shouldn't have (like a $100 bill on the ground) and you try to play it casual but in reality you lunge towards it knocking down anyone in your way, then play it cool like it's just another skirt anyone else at the thrift store could have found. You can't let the weird thrift store lingerers catch on to your thrifting luck. And, yes, I know that was a run on sentence. I have been meaning to recreate Olivia Palermo's iconic suede fringe look with the pair of tan fringe boots I got at the same thrift store! God I love thrift shopping. If you want some tips on thrifting be sure to check out this post, and I will do an updated post on where to thrift in SF, perhaps even a video? What sort of tips would you like? The best SF stores to thrift shop or a run down on more thrifting tips? Let me know in the comments below! 

BROWN SUEDE MIDI SKIRT | Thrifted. Similiar // Splurge // Steal // Sale
TOOTH NECKLACE | Kleines blond

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Hidden San Francisco Gem | Le Colonial

Edgy Bohemian Style on Bryn Newman of Stone Fox Style wearing Lucky Brand at Le Colonial in San Francisco

On Tuesday night my friend Laura helped me discover my favorite place in San Francisco. Not only did it have an ambiance that reminded you of foreign travels, the weather, decor, and aesthetic of the building had you feeling like you were somewhere royal. Or for me, it felt like I was right back in Florida with the Spanish Colonial Charm filling my soul as I soaked up the live music sitting on the back porch. With dancing inside and wine in my hand, I think Le Colonial could be my new spot.
JACKET | Lucky Brand. DRESS | Lucky BrandBOOTS | Matisse.
Le Colonial San Francisco Bar with live jazz music

Le Colonial San Francisco Bar with live jazz music, outdoor restaurant seating in san francisco.

Le Colonial San Francisco Bar with live jazz music, outdoor restaurant seating in san francisco.

Edgy Bohemian Style on Bryn Newman of Stone Fox Style wearing Lucky Brand at Le Colonial in San Francisco