Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outside Lands Festival Style & Playlist

Outside Lands is coming around the corner, I feel like I was heading to the festival with Garage Clothing, yesterday. TBT! I love Outside Lands, I think it is a really magical festival and the erie the fog combined with the singer/songwriter lineup gets me all giddy inside. Though I am confused as to why Slightly Stoopid is on the roster. But maybe that's just because I used to go see them play at Freebird in Jacksonville, at least once a year starting in middle school, and they were horrible, every time. Did anyone else go through a Bob Marley, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid phase when you were kids or was that just my friends and me living in a beach town? Minus Slightly Stoopid, the lineup is great so I made a playlist and will continue adding to it through the week! I'll just blast this while you guys are all at the festival (sad face, I am actually not going, I think). 

Style wise – get ready for a lot of bellbottoms at Outside Lands. But it's fine, bellbottoms are to flower crowns as Outside Lands is to Coachella. Get it? Did I do that right? Ha. Okay but who cares, bellbottoms are comfortable and this festival is chilly. So dance your (bell)bottoms off and forget the haters, even if I myself am one of them. Take your bellbottoms to the next level with a fringe vest, printed neck scarf, and a giant hat. Basically take this blog post and completely reimagine it, way more stylish. I don't know what was going through my head before this shoot. Sigh. #bellbottoms. 
PRINTED WHITE BELLBOTTOMS | Others Follow (c/o). TEE Brandy Melville.
OVERSIZED WIDE BRIM HAT | Brixton (similar). STUDDED CROSS BODY | Local Shop. (similar).

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