Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stole It From The Boys

When your boyfriend looks up from his desk and tells you he likes your outfit, you know you've done it right. Maybe that's because my boyfriend is too hip to function (just kidding, Rob) but when he likes an outfit of mine, it makes me feel like I've put together something special and unique, because he sees me dress up in stylish outfits (humble brag) all of the time! But seriously, it was so cute that he liked this outfit! Especially because it was so menswear inspired, and perhaps a little inspired by our impending outing to The Kooples sale later that afternoon (you'll see those scores later). I tried these suspender pants because of a collaboration with Tobi.com for the release of their Space Oddity lookbook, it's all about clean lines and minimalism, which I am absolutely obsessed with lately. But to make it truly a Stone Fox Style look I had to add a little bit of my flare, which is how I came up with this ensemble, one of my favorites yet!

RUFFLE BLOUSE | Urban Outfitters (similar).
BRALETTE | Calvin Klein (similar). RAYBAN SUNGLASSES | Rayban Clubmasters
OXFORDS | Anyi Lu (similar // similar).