Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sparkle Brightly Birthday Picnic with IZZE

BIRTHDAYS! YAY! I am turning 22 on the 30th and I have been having trouble coming up with a party idea. I've considering rollerblading, bowling, traveling, everything. But for some reason I cannot make a decision. It's been so frustrating! So finally I decided on a picnic, I grabbed cheese, snacks, champagne, and made it a day!

The first step was decor, which was fun + easy! I just took a few things from my house and exchanged a standard picnic blanket with my kilim rug. Add some throw pillows, extra blakets (you never know with SF weather) and flowers. I brought a trunk from my house to use as a table to protect my favorite rug, but if you're using a blanket you can wash, just bring some trays and you'll be all set!

Step two was the most important part – the beverages. I went with IZZE's new sparkling water (um, it's organic and only 10 calories!) and a few IZZE sodas to match the decor. We made cocktails and using fresh juice, gin, and topped it off with the IZZE Mandrain Lime Sparkling water. Refreshing, tasty, and perfect for an end of summer party. I loved how IZZE made this party bright and fun! IZZE added a stylish touch that I loved for this picnic. This water truly sparkles with flavor. They add 100% certified organic fruit flavors, so each sip is simply delicious and flavorfully bright. At only 10 calories a pop, this definitely was the perfect way to balance out the champagne! 

The third step for a perfect picnic is the food. Grab an assortment of cheeses at your local store and some delish crackers. I reccomend a Gouda,  Cowgirl Cremery Mt. Tam Cheese (or any soft triple cream cheese), and a aged white cheddar. Grab some mini tarts, cute cookies, and you're ready for a perfect party!

The final step is the outfit. I borrowed this amazing Mara Hoffman dress from my roommate and paired it with some comfy clogs. There's nothing like a bright dress to go with an equally as bright picnic!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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