Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekend Journal No. 1

As a member of Generation Y, I am one of those people who works. . .a lot. I work with the hope of living comfortably and being able to "retire young." Or at least for some reason that is engrained in my mind. Or it's just my personality, since I have never quite been able to sit still. I skipped a year of high school, dropped out of college, and went straight into the work world. And usually work at least one day a weekend and most week nights to keep this blog up and running. So weekends like this past one, remind me that being young isn't so bad, more so, they remind me that it is important to be inspired. It's important to recharge, see the world, dance, and laugh, so that you can feel inspired to create and be. We've been conditioned to work so hard, without appreciation. And at least for me, and many other creatives, without exploration, laughter, and inspiration, you won't find happiness. So even if work often helps deliver the need for creative stimulation, you still need to find ways to create new energy for your inner spirit. Otherwise, what's the point? So after a weekend of long mornings spent in bed, dreaming of vacations, looking into flights, reading fashion magazines, and loads of coffee, I began to remember the true importance of not working. Not shooting. Not styling. Not opening my computer. After a night of dancing and laughing to the point where my cheeks hurt I realized good friendships will always bring the most happiness. After stumbling into galleries and giggling at pretentious art shows. And finally, after truly dancing to good music (especially when it's dear friends). I realized, checking out, and really checking out, is the BEST way to spend a Saturday night. It was so fun catching up with my friends from SWIMM and meeting their new bandmates. So check them out and their new tunes below! 


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