Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Do You Live #LifeUnlimited?

For me, living life unlimited is all about capturing every moment of everyday. Joyous reveling, laughing, crying, feeling emotion. Stress and relaxation. Noticing every second of every day and reminding myself to breathe, take notice of each breath and absorb the sun, fog, or air whether it's hot, cold or misty. I remind myself to feel the fibers in my clothing and the joints in my body. Living life unlimited is about taking time to enjoy myself and remove myself from all of my problems. Of course, it is hard to practice what I preach and I often spiral, on a regular basis. But it's moments like the ones captured in these photos that prove there are peaceful moments to be had amongst the chaos. I live #lifeunlimited by embracing my chaos and learning to let it go. I do this in the clothing that makes me feel confident and comfortable which is why I #liveinlevis. I am excited to share that Le Tote is officially carrying Levi's and we couldn't be any happier!

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