Friday, January 30, 2015

WIN FREE DRESSES FOR A YEAR?! // LuLu*s Galentine's Day Giveaway

I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. That's probably because I am traumatized by my middle school that would allow boys and girls to send each other publicly delivered Valentine's (they would get delivered in class) and I never got one, when everyone else did. Except I did get one from this really creepy kid who used to call my house over and over again during American Idol and my parent's got pissed. Which is hilarious now, not so hilarious then. Now that I'm dating Rob and he travels so much, last year he was in England for Valentine's Day, I still don't really celebrate. So when the opportunity came to celebrate Galentine's Day, you know I was on board. Especially because I got to team up with Jyo and she is such a treat to hang out with! We brunched, took photos, and goofed around in the Mission. Which is my version of the perfect day! Check out our looks below and don't forget to enter to win FREE dresses for a YEAR from LuLu*s, oh yeah, um, it's for you and a friend!! Scroll down to see me doing something really out of my element....let me know in the comments if you can tell which one it is, hah! Still need an outfit for Valentine's Day? Browse the LuLu*s Valentine's Day Shop, from Keepsake to Finders Keepers the Label, they have some amazing pieces ready for your closet!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How To Wear Party Pants // Pajama Trousers

SF Blogger Stone Fox Style shows you how to wear patterned pajama trousers

How To Wear Party Pants
  • When styling crazy pants like these,  keep the color pallet simple with one or two pops of color.
  • Cobalt goes perfectly with black and white! You could even try a neon shade if you’re feeling daring.
  • Try adding the pop in your shoe choice, it will balance out the look! I suggest these, these, or these.
  • Adding a blazer to these “pajama style” bottoms will make this look perfect for the office.
  • Go for a half tuck to keep proportions playful and flattering!
  • A leather jacket and silver accessories will switch up this look and make it perfect for happy hour.
  • Be Confident! Confidence is the best accessory, wear it :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tobi Tuesday | Fringe with Benefits ft. Jesslyn Blake!

Tobi shoes and Jesslyn Blake bag on Bryn Newman San Francisco Fashion Blogger
If you know me personally, you know that deep down I am a hippie. I am all about good vibes and if we have a real conversation you'll probably here me mention vibrations and frequencies. My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I start speaking hippie hehe. But either way, there is just something about bohemian clothes that really make me happy. They make me dream of frolicking and having no worries. Laying in the grass and soaking up the sun. Other days I wear studded leather and all black, maybe this says something about me. Maybe it doesn't. I can't explain it. So when I received this fringetastic Jesslyn Blake bag, I knew it was meant to be worn with my new favorite Selina Strappy heels from Tobi

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fillmore Street Style // Jenn Im // Glam

I was recently stopped on the street by my girl crush Jenn Im! Aka Clothes Encounters. She is super cute and really easy to talk to, so when she stopped me for her video with Glam I had to chat with her! Even though I do make myself sound a bit like an idiot when I describe my outfit as boss...but hey what else are you supposed to say when they ask you to, "Describe how you felt in your outfit as you walked out the door this morning." I'm ridiculous. Anyways I hope you enjoy hearing me embarrass myself! You can shop this look, here, and don't forget to subscribe to Glam on YouTube, here! Give the video a thumbs up if you think I'm as annoying as I think I am. Just kidding.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Make Me Feel Better - Alex Adair

These tassel shorts are one of my favorite purchases I've made over the last few months and I promise I will try to find a similar pair for you to buy! I found 2 pairs of shorts that have a similar feel listed below but I will be on the hunt for a pair closer to the ones featured in this post. They're from a boutique in my old neighborhood in the Haight called X-generation. Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood! This White Crow sweater is also a find that I am incredibly excited about. You have to check out this brand. They carry this brand at LuLu's, Buckle, and a lot of local boutiques!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stone Fox Styling | Your Touch

I was feeling very inspired by The Kooples for the styling of this shoot with Bryan Berry.  I loved this shoot and the looks from it. Even if my boyfriend says this hat looks like a baseball cap with a cat toy on it. If you want to know where any clothing item is from, comment below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tobi Tuesday | Bright Hues

Running off to style a LE TOTE shoot so this has to be short! But I wanted to share these killer Tobi shoes with you. I have been getting so many compliments on them! Snag these chunky blue heels here.

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Orleans aka Nom City

All I can honestly say about New Orleans Just go. And eat. Try everything. The best part is, you can take a long weekend and still get to enjoy everything that is New Orleans! Aka drinking in the streets, being jolly, and listening to jazz. I thought 4 days wouldn't be enough and I was so worried we wouldn't get the full experience. But it was the perfect amount of time to stroll Magazine Street and shop, eat beignets, take the ferry, go see the AHS Coven house, and soak in all of the palm trees and southern charm! Gah, one morning we even went to get coffee and a band was playing, with the most wonderful singer, it sounded like we were in a Woody Allen movie. The architecture was angelic, charming, and so ready to be instagrammed (I am joking). Now, no matter what you do, make sure you take a night and eat at Superior Seafood. Get the Chargrilled Oysters, Andouille Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, or the Shrimp Pesto Risotto. But no matter what you get, it's going to be good. So go with a full tummy and dance it off on Frenchmen Street after. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top Notch

The top knot. So good on guys. Great for me when my hair is dirty. Then along game the half up top knot...Which is godsend for girls like me who want to look on trend, but also don't have the time to curl their hair into effortless waves. And so this look was born into my life. I'm pretty sure I described this look as edgy and called myself a boss, when describing this look on camera (I'll share the video when it's live!) and I am so embarrassed. (So maybe I won't share it). No, I will, because I like to share all of my life, even the embarrassing moments, with you all. Because, hey, I like the attention (sarcasm).  
JACKET | Express (similar). DRESS | Le Tote.
ACCESSORIES | Le Tote. SHOES | Chinese Laundry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tobi Tuesday | Furry Feelings

I've been having coat envy for a few months now. Wanting this coat, wanting that coat, not needing either coat. Craving a trip to New York, just to wear fur. It's all been very intense. Lots of online shopping where I don't actually buy anything. Which I do a lot. And a lot of crying over vintage fur that I just cannot get myself to buy. Cue: Tobi. (please note everything before this was highly dramatized) This jacket IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW PERFECT IT IS! Okay, so maybe that was a bit over dramatic. But you know when you get something online and then it arrives, and you're like wtf mate, this looked way nicer on the cloud. Well this jacket surpassed all online orders I've ever made. This jacket is divine. And I want to wear it every day. Plus it comes in black.


JACKET | Tobi. DENIM DRESS | (1 / 2 / 3 / 4). 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My love for Edo Hair Salon

I am in LOVE with my hair salon. Edo is a Bumble and Bumble salon with stylists that can do mermaid hair or a classic balayage. I highly recommend Edo to all of my friends in the Bay Area, even if you're just in town to visit! They just published the images from the shoot I did with them to their site, so be sure to check them out on! And of course below are a few of my favorites. Plus, last week I did a slate blue gray tone with Seana and I am IN love with it check it out below! P.S. (dad) the septum piercing isn't real. Don't forget to follow me on the gram so you don't miss out on crazy hair updates like the new gray do. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rebecca Minkoff in San Francisco?!

I've been falling in love with Rebecca Minkoff ever since this Fashion Week Bootcamp video with Leanda Medine of Man Reppler. Her collections embody everything that is encompasses a Stone Fox. Everything that is me. A little bit punk. A little bit edgy. And a bit romantic. It's sugar, spice, and everything nice. Which makes something else come to mind...which powder puff girl were you?! I think I'd be Buttercup, but it's honestly hard to say.

Make sure to follow along tomorrow as I take over the Rebecca Minkoff instagram page, showing everyone around their new neighborhood. Yes that's right. A RM store is opening in the Fillmore this Thursday. Even better they're having a store opening party on Thursday night! Where you could win a $500 shopping spree! So make sure to stop by. Plus the ever so perfect Kate of The Fancy Pants Report will be there as a host! Hope to see you beauties there.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stressed Distressed but Well Dressed

New Years Resolutions. Don't Stress. Relax. Be Happy. Be nice to others. Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Nice. Repeat. New Years resolutions are tough, which is why I usually don't make them. Because when I tried to floss for the year of 2012....I made it two months. That's why I have decided to keep this year pretty simple – lighten up, stop stressing out, and word harder. And hopefully I'll stop grinding my teeth! Here's to 2015! Oh yea and I want to lose 5 pounds. C'mon I'm a girl give me a break!! Do you have any big plans for 2015?
JACKET | Forever21 (similar / similar). JEANS | Urban Outfitters (similar / similar / similar). 
SHIRT | Urban Outfitters (similar / similar / similar). SHOES | Steve Madden (similar / similar / similar).