Friday, February 26, 2016

Fireplace, on. Coffee, in hand. Snow, fall.

Sweater // White Crow. Boots // Clarks. Jumpsuit // Azalea. Jeans // Urban Outfitters.

Not that wearing a lace-up bodysuit makes sense in below freezing temps, I still had fun layering this piece as a thermal under my piles of sweaters in Tahoe. Plus I love that this bodysuit from Azalea is super comfy, I would wear it all of the time if I could! I even wore it in bed while I cozied up with some coffee at the hotel and watched tv with the fireplace on. It was delightful. P.S. Sorry these posts are short and sweet – life is super crazy busy right now, regularly scheduled programming will be back soon! Trying to catch up and still give you all some fun content!

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