Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Painted Ladies with Banana Republic

When I first received this dress from Banana Republic I loved how feminine and beautiful it was. (Their whole line right now is really just to die for). There was part of me that saw this dress as a challenge to make it edgy and another part that knew it was the perfect dress to wear to a wedding or to meet his parents. When I tried it on my roommate wouldn't stop shrieking at how pretty it looked on. It was like this structured dress was built for my body type (which rarely happens). Nonetheless I still felt like it was SO girly. I was freaked out looking in the mirror at this new person in front of my eyes. It was fascinating how much just one piece could change my look so much. So I decided, let's add some sass to it. With few studs here and there added with a belt and slingbacks, we were ready to go! I know this is an eclectic look, but what do you think? It'd obviously look great with a pair of espadrilles and a straw bag at the beach...but sometimes you just have to do the opposite of what you know. 

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