Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rose Gold & Thursday Tunes

I hadn't realized I started obsessing over black and rose gold until one day I looked down at my wrist and at the headphones on my lap...and noticed they matched. Which kind of got me on a whole coordinates thing, what if they made watches and headphones that matched...on purpose! Well if they did that I would suggest that Tokyobay and Sudio Sweden partnered immediately. As much as I am crushing on these pieces individually, let's talk about them on their own. 

Tokyobay – a local San Francisco watch and leather good company that has been on my radar for awhile. Totally stylish, stackable, and chic watches for a classic, boho, or retro gal. The guys pieces are gorgeous too! I love this big black watch and the feminine touch of rose gold. I wear it every day!

Sudio Sweden – I needed headphones and I needed them badly. I've been on such a music kick lately and noticed my headphones we're producing the best sound. I discovered Sudio and haven't gone back since. The sound quality is superb, the cable never tangles,  and the design is beautiful. Plus, they came with a carrying case that I love because I can throw them in my purse and always know they're safe, organized, and easy to access! If you're looking for yourself or a gift these are PERFECT and you won't regret investing in the premium swedish design. Want a pair for yourself? Take 15% off with the code FOXSTYLE15

To celebrate good sounds, amazing design, and that the week is almost over I've put together a playlist of my favorite tunes right now! Check it out and follow me on Spotify for more. 

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