Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dear Mom, I owe it all to you.

Mom, you are the reason I am me. I am weird, spiritual, silly as hell, and a little bit crazy. But smart, intelligent, and wise. I thank the stars everyday for letting me be your daughter. Where our family has had hard times, you have remained insightful and strong. You are the wise rock that holds us up. I always look back and think about childhood, I always knew our family was special. You created an amazing dynamic for a child to mature as an adult at a young age, without that I would not be where I am today. You are the stars and the galaxies. You are an artist with your mind, words, and hands. I have never met an artist as truly talented as you. And I have to thank you for always convincing me to be myself, telling me and encouraging me to dress for myself, to remove myself from catty behavior, and think creatively. You left everything in Los Angeles to raise Yale and I. You left behind an esteemed production career only to raise me in a way that I can carry on that legacy. I love you so much for everything you have done for us. You developed my style and always played dress up with me. You even let me "be the boss of my own hair" at the age of 3, after I freaked out when you cut it a into a style I didn't like. I wouldn't have this blog without you!! When my classmates were making fun of me for taking photos of myself, you were there with my camera in hand, helping me create looks for lookbook. You helped me make the most editorial esque shoot we possibly could in our backyard, in parking garages, and even grocery store alleyways. You are my sidekick, my creative partner, my style advisor, and art director. You even picked out outfits for my posts, saying "Trust me, just do it!" These outfits were so ahead of their time it blows me away. I loved spending my days running around Ponte Vedra shooting blog posts and coming back and making selects and edits with you. You are the person I can tell anything and you'll always love me. I mean what parent supports their daughter buying a motorcycle?! Then sends her a fox patch in a card saying, "Ride hard and ride free." You astonish me with your acceptance of who I am, who you are, and the others around you. I brag about you daily and everyone who has met you has truly been touched by you. You always made my friends feel like they were your best friends and your intuition was always right about people. You knew who to let in and who to keep as an acquaintance. But you never judged. This is to you, my creative and spiritual guide! I love you. And I can't believe you used to joke that I was adopted because I didn't look like you or dad, because now looking back at these photos we look nearly identical to each other! I can't wait to continue to spread your creativity and wisdom. Follow your joy, Mom, like you told me to follow mine!

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