Monday, July 18, 2016

My Bedroom Makeover With Urban Outfitters #UOhome

I've lived out of my parent's house now for over 5 years which is crazy to think about because I still feel like I am just a tall child, with adult responsibilities. I have always wanted the perfect room, but was never satisfied. Actually I think my quest for the perfect bedroom dates back to childhood. For some reason we either never finished decorating or I was never fully happy with my bedroom. Even when I had the A-frame ceilings in San Francisco and then moved to a beautiful and massive room with gorgeous hardwood floors, I never decorated to the point where I felt happy with my bedroom. Until now. I got to team up with Urban Outfitters to make my new room in Australia, truly my own.

On Monday after a long day of cancelled flights and delays at the airport, I walked into my Surry Hills bedroom feeling a bit drab. After our long weekend in Melbourne I looked at my plush pillows and cozy pom pom trim duvet from Urban Outfitters with a feeling of serenity – thinking to myself, "This is what bedrooms are supposed to feel like." *Give it a week until all of my clothing ends up on the ground and feels like chaos again!

I can't wait to continue to customize my room and post updates. Plus get a few professional photographs for you to see! I just couldn't wait any longer to share the updated room.

P.S. The recipe for the most tranquil and cozy bedroom goes as follows.

2. Choose all beige, cream, white, and tan colored items. Or shop Urban's Desert Tone's collection.
3. Add tassel and pompom everything.
5. Add pillows
6. Don't forget dashes of gold accessories, filled with plants or hanging on the wall!
7. Definitely don't leave out the tunes, every tranquil room should come equipped with vinyl.
8. Sprinkle in bits of you and your memories. Photos, things that remind you of family, or skulls!
9. Add pops of color.
10. Last but certainly not least – Jump in your bed, pour a glass of wine (in a sippy cup so it doesn't get on your white sheets), pop on some netflix, and enjoy.

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