Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fashion Hacks (One is so good I almost don't want to share it!)

This post is full of so many life hacks it makes me giddy. Are you ready? There are three pretty ingenious hacks coming your way. Okay, well two are ingenious, the other one is nothing special. 

1. Use a hair tie, fence, ledge, and your iPhone camera timer to get those OOTDs when you're alone. Yup, I am that big of a loser. I just never have time to get OOTDs lately and I wear a cute outfit to work, swear I'll remember to shoot it over the weekend, then forget what I wore. So now I am trying harder to document my outfits when I wear something I like. P.S. when tying your phone to the fence, be careful and make sure there is something like a little ledge for your phone to sit on or that it's wedged in the fence for extra support.

2. KEYCHAINS ON YO SHOES. I am going to fully proclaim that this is my ingenious invention. If you look closely at my feet (remember I shot these alone in an alley using a hair tie to tie my phone to a fence so the detail shots are definitely subpar) you will see I have some neat keychains clipped onto the loops of my shoes. I did this a few months back with some fur pompoms, but was inspired by the idea of leather tassels too. I happened to find these gorgeous white and black leather tassel keychains in Witchery on sale for $20, lucky for me! The shop attendant was so confused when she asked, "Cute! You got two tassels, one for you and one for a friend?" And I responded, "Nah! Both for me and my shoes." Now, I am thinking any kind of keychain could be perfect. Next up I am thinking acrylic filled shapes for lots of jangly flair to pair with my pins and badges on my leather jacket. Putting keychains on your shoes is an ideal way to spice up your everyday black boots and basically have a brand new pair of shoes with the swap of a cheap accessory!

3. The not so hacky, life hack, is these vintage pants. I got these pants probably over a year ago and kept thinking about throwing them out. I couldn't figure out what to wear with them! I cuffed them, trimmed and tailored, and still couldn't figure out what to pair with these trousers. Finally, this Rolling Stones tee proved these are truly my favourite pants. I am now on the hunt for every pair of vintage trousers I can possibly find! They look really cute for a night out with a lacy bralette and blazer too! 

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