Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Things are warming up

Things are warming up down under and you know what that means? The right playlist is all you need to have a good time. The laneway parties are popping up and the beach days are getting closer, and all you need to live in harmonious synchronicity is some boogies and tunes. I may have forgotten my dad's birthday because my internal clock is completely flipped upside down and forgot it was December, but I guess there's nothing like summer to get you in a glowing mood. Sorry dad, still love you more than anything. Summer in Australia also means festivals are in full force, I've already been to one! And let me tell you – Coachella doesn't have ANYTHING on the festivals here. What better way than spending a weekend floating in a river listening to artists perform, while your friends slide down mud hills and you're sitting on an inflatable couch with an IPA? Yup, it's pretty great. Oh yeah and don't forget the glitter. I think star covered eyebrows might be my next big move. As soon as I am able to wear my new tinsel wig or somehow dye my hair metallic tinsel, gold star eyebrows it is. Just kidding, but how awesome would it be to show up to your corporate office building looking like that?

P.S. I started working at a new agency and one of our clients is an organic makeup brand that you need to know about, I had NO idea how many chemicals and carcinogens were in the makeup I wore every single day, no wonder we all have the worst health issues! Only 80% of chemicals & ingredients are regulated by the FDA. Freaky right? So if you want to love the stardust in your soul, give your skin some love too with natural and organic makeup from World Organics, AND NO I don't mean by just using Bare Minerals because it's in the branding. You actually have to look into this stuff, branding is all me :) And yes I think feeling that good in 100% natural and up to 80% organic makeup warrants a selfie like the one you see above. 


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