Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Feels

The sun is starting to shine down under and it's time to celebrate. Life is busy and again I feel like I must apologize for my absence on social media and my blog. It hasn't received the love it deserves and it kills me. But it doesn't mean that I haven't stopped being inspired, almost to the point of a pure anxiety meltdown. I see so many things I am inspired by, so many things I want to create, so much I want to do and see, that it just sends me spiraling. Does anyone else ever get that way? It's like my mind is running at a million miles per hour and I look around and see something shiny and go, "I WANT TO MAKE THAT." Then it stresses me out and I don't do it because there are so many things I want to create. But that being said, I have been doing a lot of art lately and that is why my fashion posts have been limited. Trust me, after a day of painting all of my clothing is ruined so I have to keep the two very very separate.

So if I am not doing blogposts and I am not creating as many fashion shoots, what the hell am I doing? Well I got a new job and I am working on creative strategy at an agency here in Sydney. It's amazing. While doing that I am constantly curating my fave tunes on my spotify and keeping my eyes on the webs for things that inspire me, so I figured...why not share it with you!

Oh and I am heading to two pretty amazing festivals over the next few months so I am getting into major costume design mode. It's going to be insane. Just wait.