Monday, May 29, 2017

Autumn In Australia with Abercrombie & Fitch

In summer or winter, spring or autumn, I'm a believer in the chunky knit sweater. Especially one that's borrowed from the boys. There has always been this magic for me about feeling the warmth of the sunshine and a ever so slight hint of cool air. Perhaps it's my upbringing on the Florida coast that makes me so enamoured by this kind of weather, a combination of scorching hot days and cool briny wind that leaves your hair tasting like salt. Well at least in Florida's autumn and winter, summer you better get the hell out of dodge. But even in summer I found myself in a bikini and sweater year round. After a long day at the beach, nothing felt better than a cozy sweater. But then again that's because the blasting air con once you hit somewhere indoors would have your wet swimsuit feeling like an ice cold torture chamber, so you always had to be prepared. So this past weekend had me reminiscing on these feelings, Australia's autumn, reminding me of how much I love cool weather, especially if it's paired with warm sunshine as the sun sets.

Which is why I am such a believer in the perfect cream sweater, there is never a bad time for a one. Ever. Which is why I own at least 6. And of my 6 cream sweaters, I swear this Abercrombie one is the best. Because they've been making the best quality sweaters and outerwear since 1892. But maybe, just maybe...I also love it because it's oversized, from the mens department, and makes me feel like I am curled up in his arms. 

P.S. Big thanks to my ❤️ Marco who helped me take these photos. Make sure to follow his journey as he travels from London through countries many people have never visited, up to Mongolia, for the Mongol Rally. You can see his videos, photos, and adventures by hopping on and following the HerodotusExpress

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