Sunday, July 9, 2017

In The Studio With Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM | Mindfulness For Creativity

The number one most important thing for me in the art studio is good tunes. There's nothing like feeling like dancing while painting, I can't explain it but it's the best feeling, the feeling of pure happiness. That being said, I don't know what I'd do without my Ultimate Ears Wonderboom as of late. Not only do I use it in the studio, but I bring it in my room to listen to meditations my mom sends me, and I have been traveling with it! I'm not one for listening to music in the middle of nature (the natural sounds are too good to ignore), but I love having it with me to try to listen to a meditation before I start painting or to check out podcast, then turn of, zone in to the work, absorb everything around me and just paint.

I didn't get a chance to hit the canvases this weekend but I checked out a Mindfulness For Creativity workshop and I'm so excited to apply the practices to my practice! They had us do a mindfulness mediation and then ran us through their 'formula' for accessing your inner creativity in a thoughtful manner. For me, this was majorly important because I almost get anxious I am so inspired all of the time. They recommended using meditation, stream of consciousness writing, and manifestation to tap into your creative flow. Of course, the first stage is getting your shit together, which I love how blunt and real they are about that. Ultimately, you are responsible for your actions and outcomes, and all it takes is the decision to make a change, figure your shit out, and GO! Make the decision to start, no more excuses.

So essentially the idea is to practice meditation and mindfulness to get in touch with yourself, the now, and the wonder of the things around you. Plus, you may begin to expand your awareness of how much time you really do have in a day, rather than continuing to say you're too busy for meditation or creativity, or both! Not only is this healthy for creativity, but your mental health overall. Then, each morning right when you wake up, spend 5 minutes doing stream of consciousness writing. Just write! That's it. I used to do this back in my creative writing classes and it's an incredible practice to get yourself warmed up and unlock the subconscious. Being able to tap into the things your mind typically buries with thought will allow yourself to become more in touch with your intuition and subconscious, which I fully believe in. One, your intuition is the most important voice in your life and if you can allow it to present itself, you'll be surprised at what it says and how strongly it will resonate with you in a joyous way. Two, when you give yourself the opportunity to open up and let words out, you'd be surprised what happens. I have practiced stream of consciousness writing for some time, usually in ways to unleash answers about love, life, work, etc. But I never thought about it as a way to also work on tapping into my creative flow, so not only can I not wait to try it, but I really recommend it to others to try.

Lastly, at the end of the week they say to write down your projections, or as I like to call it, your manifestations. As hokey as some might think The Secret is, apparently scientists are finding that the brain cannot tell the difference between an imaginative thought and a ‘real’ thought. So, the importance of dreaming really is powerful, if you write down your dreams, your projections, your hopes, they will become a reality if you will it, in some way. I love that!

The final piece to the puzzle that I loved so much was the idea of cleaning your feeds and designing your social media channels to nourish your creativity. You often spend so much time saying, “I don’t have time to do that.” But when you’re spending your 10 minutes on your phone, scrolling Instagram, you have a huge opportunity to use that time to inspire yourself. So create an account and follow only pages that inspire your creativity, get rid of the ‘body goals’ and ‘bikini babes’ and anything that makes you feel bad about yourself (unless those things inspire you in a positive way). If it doesn’t spark joy when you look at it, then either unfollow it, or use your new ‘inspiration feed’ account just for a week, and see how it nourishes your creativity. Again, I also love this because I use so many photographers who get to travel around the world and see places I might never get to see as inspiration for my work. I use their images to access the colour palettes of the world, virtually. So clearing my feed of the things that make me feel bad about myself, is the digital detox I need, without getting rid of a channel that brings me a lot of inspiration, quite often.

So this weekend in particular weekend may not have been an actively creative one, it was definitely a inspiring one. Not only did I spend my Sunday going to boxing and feeling good about myself, eating vegetarian all weekend, and avoiding all day hangovers by taking it easy Saturday night, I actually broke my laptop and didn’t even care! So Sunday night, when I typically would spend that time watching Netflix until midnight, I spent a few hours just writing, poetry and practicing stream of consciousness while unwinding to music on my UE Wonderboom. It felt great! Seriously. I am blown away by the improvements of my happiness just after one weekend.

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on my creative mental health and my love for this powerful little bluetooth speaker have a listen to the playlist I made for you to hear what I listen to while I'm in the studio!